Contemporary fluid to nourish the facial skin face

MaskIn the market of cosmetic products are much of creams for skin nutrition from expensive to affordable, from import to domestic, from classic to innovative. Nourishing cream should be in a arsenal of each mature young woman, let alone what it was he be up to you.Vitamin nourishing fluid «Matis», France (50 mL, ok. 2200 rub.) Fluid is designed to supply dry face, suffering with a lack of lipids. When applied on the face forms a highly thin protective film, making a feeling of comfort. Contains natural efficacious ingredients (sunflower extract, nut a butter Bass, corn butter, shea butter, vitamins E), however comfortably so a range of anti-aging substances. The cream nourishes the facial skin while rejuvenating it and acts barrier means from a harmful effects of external aggression.Cream «Ahava», softening and nourishing, Israel (50 mL, ok. 1400 rub.) Cream is based on Dead Sea mud, natural plant ingredients, and also enriched with Mineral Skin Osmoter ™. It restores the natural balance of a face, preventing a drying of a epidermis, doing it supple and elastic. Organic minerals are included in it, activate face metabolism and accelerate a regeneration of cells. Ideal for sensitive face.Nourishing Serum Suppleance «Uriage», France (40 mL, ok. 900 rub.) Cream is done on a basis of thermal water, it neutralizes free radicals and nourish a upper layers of a epidermis. It belongs to the deep-energy action of anti-aging medicine, can be applied at a time of a time and even be used so a makeup base.Nourishing Night Cream by Garnier, France (50 mL, ok. 250 rub.) Night serum complex effects for sensitive facial skin. Contains plant extracts and vitamin E. Its formula acts at night, nourishing the facial skin and enhancing its protective function. Following systemic apply the facial skin becomes gentle, shine, sweet and glowing.Similar posts:Mask Facials fall and winterCover Facial in 25 yearsCover Masks for skin in 20 years.

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