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  • Means with castor butter to enhance, progress of eyelashes and eyebrows

    MaskCastor oil in its pure form is sold without a prescription at any pharmacy. Its price is 30 ml less than 25 rubles. When buying oil, pay attention to a expiration date, which shall not exceed two years, otherwise you will not get a expected effect. Apart with a rule castor butter contemporary cosmetic industry offers a variety of tools based on natural ingredients, has a complex capacity on a eyelashes and eyebrows.Balsam for eyelashes from Mirra Lux (5 ml, approximately 350 rubles). Ingredients: castor butter, grape seed butter, jojoba butter, essential oils of ylang-ylang, jasmine and myrrh. It is used on a eyelids and eyelashes (you fingertips), improving hair development and preventing dryness century.Butter for eyelashes on faith (12 ml, around 215 rubles). Ingredients: castor butter, grape seed butter, almond butter, buckwheat germ butter, burdock root, rose oil. Is used to a eyelashes and eyelids, rinse with soft aqua later 10 min. Can be used to remove the carcass. A member of a rose butter slows down the process of aging, fatigue century.Progress stimulator of Gemene (10 ml, 150 rubles). Ingredients: castor butter, vitamins A, cape gooseberries, peach kernel oil, almond oil. Designed for eyelashes are specifically is needs of leaving. Thanks to a properly selected range of bioactive ingredients gives the lashes soft, prevents hair loss. Physalis is widely used in oriental medicine how a natural stimulator of strong action.Similar posts:Cover Facials teenagersCover Facial following 45Cover Masks and skin care '23.

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