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  •           Anti-Aging daily care

  • As to keep the teeth healthy

    CoverSo maximize the your of your teeth and everyone can, if he wants to be healthy and lovely.First of all, the teeth must be cleaned elementary, and 10-20 seconds, for 3-5 min, just do not need all his strength to scrub them with a brush to quickly complete the process - however you do not scrub, but damage a enamel. But a thorough cleaning - it is right: it must not alone clean a position that is visible to all, and all a recesses and crevices between teeth - then we can talk around their purity.Brushing the teeth is required not only in the early but in a evening, and following dinner does not hurt - not must to leave a ground for bacteria multiplication and prosperity.Similar posts:Mask Facials winterCover Skin care and eyeMask Masks for fase of the 25.

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