Caring for very dry skin

CoverDepending on age, nutritional status, a condition of a nervous system a amount of fat in the skin varies. Disruption adversely affects sebum on the face. It becomes rough, less elastic and more sharply expressed her drawing, cracks, increased sensitivity to a sun, wind, heating and cold-blooded, begins to peel off, easily irritated and covered with red spots. Dry facial skin is specifically the cheeks and temples, and forehead face, nose, nasolabial folds and chin frequently even shines. She does not tolerate even the wash water with soap superfatted. And then covered with little scales. It seems that the face so if sprinkled with flour. Dryness increases, and a face is no longer tolerates wash with soap and water. Moreover, even after wash with water alone it is ofttimes covered with red spots, fire. Then becomes flabby, increasingly covered by wrinkles, which at 1st appear near the corners of a eyes (called "crow's feet"). Sun, wind, and cold and heating accelerate and exacerbate these processes. If a start of such face timely and thorough attention, It is possible to keep for a long time, her great, save from fading.Cleansing very dry face. Very dry skin is cleaned with a mild, cool water or water at placement temperature. Coldness h2o constricts blood vessels, with this, a skin becomes loose, wrinkled, hot dilates blood vessels and also a pores and do the skin loose. For very dry skin acts favorably moist mild climate. More good for her aerial treatments. Solar process is recommended to put alone the early right. Before the chief wash out (in the bath, river, swimming pool, in a shower, in a bath) it is desirable to put on face cream for very dry skin, oil, or the fat approachable at mitt: sour fluid, internal lard, unsalted butter.Similar articles:Cover Masks for skin in 30 yearsMask Masks and face care skin wrinklesCover Masks for skin wrinkles.

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