Care of irritated facial skin

MaskA simple solution - apply special creams to relieve irritation, soothing and moisturizing the face.Polish the irritated face should definitely, but alone gently, using a mild foam or jelly. It is possible to not apply tonics containing alcohol.Barrier fluid must be applied to a facial skin for an hour before going outside. If you put it later, especially in the winter, so a action will intensify a coldness, the face may get red, inflamed - that again irritation. A skin should deal with annoyances and quickly restore your function - and we claim her help.Medication of skin irritation: folk remediesNot the finish put in skin upkeep put home a face mask, done by people's recipes - both ancient and more contemporary.Same articles:Mask Any faceMask Daily face upkeep homeCover Skin care acne.

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