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  •           Anti-Aging daily care

  • Caring for normal facial skin

    MaskPractically in most cases a facial carried out in a reasonable and evening.First face attention. Rinse your skin with a mild water at rooms temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean with a reasonable piece of ice in the direction of a skin lines. Do not apply soap. In rule skin it is applied TWO-3 times in a 7 days however how not to overdry a facial skin. Of the rinsing (rubbing ice) dab your facial skin with a towel: it is applied to the facial skin with a slight pressure. Drained of the person after ablution, regardless of skin type.Tip: You can not be rude to wipe the face, because a face is stretched and with early wrinkles appear.If, after rinsing or wiping a ice cream is used to a skin, getting wet when you can leave a little moisture on the face.

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    Dining face depending on face type

    MaskIf you enjoy dry face with nature, or it has get the result of a other cause, try to lubricate her vitaminized fluid to 3 minutes every day, focusing on lovely lines. A cream may be applied repeatedly even in the case when, following 20 minutes of treatment you will not find a trace of him.For aging skin cream is efficient with little aqua content. Of the such production on a facial skin want remain easy fat trace.For dry face with pronounced age-related changes required vitamin fat fluid. Apply it good using a tampon soaked in salted water. Several times a week serum application is recommended to combine with self-massage.Owners of fat and porous facial skin need clear it before any treatment of fluid. This may be done by means of exceptional cosmetic lotions or chilled broth of herbs (sage, horsetail).

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    Making of facial skin covers: recipes

    MaskA easiest technique to prepare a cover for the face - crushed sweet fruits or berries, and immediately put on the face. If crushed vegetables or fresh fruits are juicy enough, may be added to a slurry, milk. If a slurry, on a contrary, too thin, it is added flour. It is also convenient to put whole items of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If a consistency of the mask is a juice, then it is used however follows: a part of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in breeding juice, a some squeeze and put on the skin and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be applied a thin layer of cotton wool.

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    Care of irritated facial skin

    MaskA simple solution - apply special creams to relieve irritation, soothing and moisturizing the face.Polish the irritated face should definitely, but alone gently, using a mild foam or jelly. It is possible to not apply tonics containing alcohol.Barrier fluid must be applied to a facial skin for an hour before going outside. If you put it later, especially in the winter, so a action will intensify a coldness, the face may get red, inflamed - that again irritation. A skin should deal with annoyances and quickly restore your function - and we claim her help.Medication of skin irritation: folk remediesNot the finish put in skin upkeep put home a face mask, done by people's recipes - both ancient and more contemporary.Same articles:Mask Any faceMask Daily face upkeep homeCover Skin care acne. . .

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    Making of facial skin masks: recipes

    MaskA easiest method to prepare a mask for the face - crushed good fruits or fruit, and immediately put on the skin. If crushed fresh vegetables or fresh fruits are juicy enough, may be added to a slurry, milk. If the slurry, on the contrary, too thin, it is added mealy. It is as well convenient to put whole pieces of orange, ripe tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If the consistency of the mask is the juice, so it is applied as follows: a piece of gauze with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth soaked in nectar, a some squeeze and put on a face and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be applied a thin layer of cotton wool.

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    Why do I have freckles

    MaskOf course, a externality of freckles due to the various processes in the facial skin and throughout a body. First of all, it is the metabolic processes that cause pigmentation disorders skin: melanin accumulates in certain places, and freckles are formed, and they can cover not only the facial skin but as well a shoulders, arms, back.Freckles and age spots - 2 different things. Dark-brown spots may talk size hidden diseases or appear in some women during gestation.Tendency to a exterior of freckles could be hereditary, while the women and gerls with fair skin, you appear more often - at least that's what counts.Freckles may get less noticeable with age, and you are clearly visible alone in a source and in the winter you can be seen less, but we want to have rid of them for good, and not wait for them to disappear or fade.So, even in a winter, if you know that the skin is prone to a formation of freckles, maintenance must be taken to source, they were invisible.Like posts:Cover Masks and skin care any skinMask Express face careCover Anti-Aging Face care. . . .

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    Cleansing masks. Cleaning a skin at home

    MaskCleansing skin care cover is prepared on the basis of suds, wax, clay and other synthetic items that attract dirt, grease and dead skin horny scales from the face. All that adheres to the inner position of the mask as it dries, and then removed from a face together with the cover. How a effect, a pores are cleansed, improves blood circulation, which gives the face a healthy color and freshness.Besides cleansing cover for a facial skin and neck carried a soft peeling. Cleansing facial skin masks, experts recommend to do once a 7 days. This type of mask is suitable for all face types.Immediately later cleansing mask, which is removed with soft water, it is valuable to do a nutritional. But if you have not time, or at least apply a generous layer to the face nourishing cream.If you apply a masks from the generator, then those with oily skin skin care masks may be done TWO minutes a 7 days.

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