Apply of face masks. Applying masks

MaskBut before the cover off, you claim to nicely cleanse a skin. Especially effective mask however peelings, following steam bath or hot compress. Apply the cover to a massage lines.Face mask can be applied with a brush, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this want be immaculately polish.Following that, for greater effect it is desirable to cover a facial skin with soft gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and covers containing fresh plum, vegetables and cereals, dry facial skin ablution off with lukewarm h2o (with a cotton swab). To strengthen the effect in the water, you can add to lemon juice or big apple cider vinegar (a teaspoonful in a glass of water). Gerls with normal to dry face is better to use in this case, the infusion of herbs, rather weak tea, natural milk, soup hips, salted cold boiled water.

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How to prevent a exterior of freckles

CoverIt turns out that in February, should start taking attention of that freckles are not there. Earlier you go out, especially on a sunny day, you need to wipe the face with strong brewed green tea, so apply a sunscreen with high SPF.Striking makeup, you can use the powder and concealer - they will better protect a skin from a sun, but too thick to apply yet should not be.Similar posts:Mask Masks for skin after 45Mask Special leaving of a face and bodyCover Effectual masks and face care. . . . .

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Strengthening a eyelashes and eyebrows castor butter: Recipes

CoverHowever already mentioned at the beginning, castor butter itself has a curative capacity and may be used however an independent cosmetic. So, for the strengthening of its action, and to accomplish multiple objectives pursued castor butter can be mixed with other drugs. For easy storage of these home remedies and drawing on eyebrows and eyelashes, you can use attentively washed and dry the vials of mascara.It is known that thin hair growth has a positive effect vitamin A by adding a any drops of his oil solution in castor butter you make your eyelashes and eyebrows alone have correct. Vitamins A may be replaced by freshly squeezed carrot extract however carrots - one of a basic sources of this vitamin.When connecting a castor oil with a small warmed olive or sunflower will make a good composition for softening firmly eyebrow hairs. Moisten a cotton ball in it and apply a compress on the brow no more than 10 minutes. For a change, strive to add an additional component of sea buckthorn or fir oil, you also enjoy soothing properties.A mixture of castor and peach or almond butter prevents a loss of eyelashes and accelerates their progress.

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Folk remedies for freckles

CoverMeans for dealing with the freckles that are similar in capacity to a store bought creams can as well be done at home, but here you get to be careful. For example, a chemical corrosive sublimate, if used however a component of household items, well lightens freckles, but it is much toxic and dangerous.For example, such a composition: saccharose - 25 grams, water - 300 ml of grapefruit extract - 30 ml, eggs protein - 15 grams sublimate - dissolve 1 grams of cane sugar in water, add a lemon nectar protein corrosive sublimate and blend. Wipe a skin once per day, so ablution with cool h2o.You can use the fluid for the making of which will want a following ingredients: white petrolatum - 500 g pork fat (melted) - 300 g, anhydrous lanolin - 300 grams, zinc oxide - 160 g, nadbornonatrievaya sol - a chemical substance having severe bleaching affinity - 50 g, oil of orange and pink - for 1 yearResembling articles:Cover Express facialCover Facials and masks poreCover Facial Combination Skin. . . .

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Dining facial skin depending on facial skin type

MaskIf you keep very dry skin from nature, or it has become the result of any other reason, strive to lubricate her vitaminized cream to 3 minutes daily, focusing on great lines. The fluid can be used repeatedly even in the case when, after 20 minutes of treatment you will not find a trace of him.For aging skin fluid is active with lower water content. After such making on the skin must remain easy fat trace.For very dry face with pronounced age-related changes required vitamins fat cream. Apply it correct using a tampon soaked in salted water. Several times a week serum treatment is recommended to combine with self-massage.Owners of fat and porous skin need clear it before each application of serum. This may be done by means of special cosmetic lotions or chilled soup of herbs (sage, horsetail).

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